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The author, Luigi Enrico Pietra d'Oro

Lewis Goldstein has an MFA in Art and Art History and is a full-time professor at Barstow Community College. He has been a writer all his life and has written and published The Second Coming: The Last Parable of Jesus. Together with illustrator Arianna Grinager, He has published “Of Fleas and Fleadom. A Tale of Two Vermin,” a graphic, epic poem in rhyme. Mr. Goldstein has also written HeyZeus and Back to Eden, The Eco-Adventures of Adam and Eve, two full length screenplays. The novel, Back to Eden, The Eco-Adventures of Adam and Eve is a Time Travel, Eco-Thrilling Comedy of Biblical proportions.


A contemporary version of Dante’s Divine Comedy, also in rhyme is now available here or from Amazon entitled Returno to the Inferno. 


His favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaimon, Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain.

Lewis Goldstein, aka Luigi Enrico Pietra d'Oro

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