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Old White Man Speaks on Misogyny

I just read in the Washington Post about how us white men are starting to feel discriminated against by all the angry women, claiming that we are now being treated as "guilty until proven innocent!"

The Truth of the matter is that since the beginning of time, male perpetrators of sexual assault have always been considered innocent until (rarely allowed to be) proven guilty, while their female victims have always been treated as guilty until proven innocent! Even when the women victims have been proven innocent, the men have gone free and the women have had to suffer continued victimization and humiliation.

All you rich, entitled, white men in positions of power are pathetic!

Old White Man Speaks on Racism

Let's be really honest and clear about racism in America. Everyone is, to some extent, racist. Whites are racist, African-Americans are racist, Asians are racist, Latinos are racist, Native Americans are racist. Everyone of us has the responsibility, to ourselves and our fellow Americans, to be honest, recognize our fears and hatreds, acknowledge them and transform them, or at least manage them safely and courteously.

That being said, every group mentioned above, except us white folk, have good reason, historically, and/or personally, to be racist. White folk, like myself, have the greatest burden of responsibility and reparation as regards the pain and suffering we have inflicted upon our black, brown, yellow and red brothers and sisters. 

It adds to our shame to pretend otherwise and it is cowardice to do so. It is also the height of hypocrisy and cowardice to present ourselves as being the victims.

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