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New Revelations

Dear Readers,

This being a new year, I decided to write something about revelations. How many of you believe in Heaven? How about Hell? Usually, when I ask these questions, everyone shares that they do indeed believe in these places.

Did you ever ask where you got these ideas? Did you ever question their veracity?

The Second Coming explores some of our most cherished (and unquestioned) beliefs. We have been victims of cultural brainwashing through the media, traditionally painting and sculpture, and today via movies, TV, internet, etc.

Though the techniques of media have changed, our ideas of heaven and hell were cemented into our cultural minds by writiers like Dante (The Divine Comedy) and painters like Michelangelo and many others. All these artists and writers were commissioned by the church to "educate" us about what to be fearful of and what to strive for.

Yes, it is much like Santa Claus magnified thousands of times. Think about it.

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