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Chronic Case of Mistaken Identity

We humans love making up stories, especially stories about who we think we are. What if the identities we assign ourselves are fictions? And how does our penchant for making up stories about ourselves affect our lives, the lives of others, and reality?

Question: If we are the identity we think we are, then who is the identifier?

Question: Are we content or container, or both?

Who are you? I'm a man/woman, American/French/British/Indian/Hispanic, etc. I'm republican/democrat/independent, I'm Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc., I'ma theist, an atheist, an agnostic....

Where do these identities exist? Are they temporary, changeable?

Who and how are these identities experienced?

The world around me, and the people in my experience all exist in my consciousness, and I exist in the consciousness of others. No consciousness, no existence. All of our identities depend on a consciousness for them to exist. Am I the things I think I am? Am I the content of my thoughts, beliefs, etc. or am I the container that holds the content? Content is dependent on container. Container is ever present and necessary for any content to exist.

An understanding of Container and the qualities of Container are essential for a true understanding of diversity. Diversity is the creative content, the creative expressions of Container. It is like the sky and the ever changing clouds and weather that move through the sky. Sky is container, weather is content. I am container and everything that arises and moves in and out of container is content.

What are the qualities of the Container? Ever-present, open, infinite, clear, containing, curious, knowing and unknown, invisible and one in the experience of life. We are all, in fact, the same yet different. We are all potential and perpetually creative. We are all, to different degrees, aware. We are, in this respect, the same. Diversity's foundation is the oneness of consciousness, Diversity's foundation is sameness.

We all exist together in each other's consciousness. Perhaps my consciousness is like my living room and everything experienced is guest in my living room. The same is true for you.

How will we treat the guests that appear in our living rooms?

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