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Tubism, an Episodic Blog



Tube be, or not tube be…?

That is the question


I promise to tell the tube, the whole tube

And nothing but the tube,

So help me TUBE.

Tubal Benediction:

May you never be constipated!

Basic Tenants of Tubism:

  • All living things on this planet are variations on The Tube.

  • Some tubes are simple, cellular, floating tubes.

  • Tubes combine with each other to form more complex tubes.

  • Some tubes swim

  • Some tubes fly

  • Some tubes slither

  • Some tubes walk and run

  • Tubes that walk and run can have 2 legs, 4 legs, 6 legs, 8 legs, 100 legs or even 1000 legs.

  • Tubes that walk and run always have an even number of legs, except when an odd number of legs are lost or cut off, such as with three legged dogs, etc. Probably because it is harder to walk or run with an odd number of legs. Those tubes with an odd number of legs walk and run, well…oddly.

  • Humans are complex, highly evolved tubes that make up elaborate stories about being more than tubes. Maybe.

  • Maybe all tubes are structures that enable something else to send and receive signals, experience experiences, develop, live in and discard?

  • Let’s revisit the beyond tubes possibilities in a later post.

  • Basically, all tubes have at least two (2) ends, one designed for eating other tubes and the other for shitting out useless tubal remains that will be eaten by other tubes that like to eat shit.

  • Thus, all tubes are connected to each other one way or another. It’s a modular, tubal system.

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