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Tubism (con't)

Tubism, as a philosophy, is actually a plea for human humility. Who we are and how we act in this particular incarnation is managed and bounded by the particular tube we have manifested and through which we act. We constantly try to gain self-importance and power over others by arbitrarily (and oftentimes absurdly) embellishing our tubes with elaborate dress and titles.

I used to teach sculpting workshops in Europe and in Bologna, Italy the workshops were hosted in an old church. All along the walls, hung high, were photos and paintings of bishops, priests, popes, etc., all adorned in their hierarchical ranked costumes. "Clothes make the man" implied and costumes determine the power. The absurdity of the uniforms as rank brought up images of these old pretenders all gathered in a hot tub, stripped of their regalia, aging tubes all, equal in their nakedness.

Are we something 'more' than a tube? This for further discussion. In the meantime I offer more exploration of how tubes progress along with a teaser from Leonard Cohen's song Going Home.

"He will speak these words of wisdom

Like a sage, a man of vision

Though he knows he's really nothing

But the brief elaboration of a tube

Going home without my sorrow

Going home sometime tomorrow

Going home to where it's better than before

Going home without my burden

Going home behind the curtiain

Going home without the costume that I wore."

Leonard Cohen

"Tube Be or not Tube Be?

That is the question.

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