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Monotheism: My Supreme Tube is Bigger than Your Supreme Tube


The tribe of Abraham, known as the Israelites, purportedly came up with the concept of monotheism, the idea that there is only one god (theirs of course). In actuality, the Old Testament refers to many ‘deities’ that are also immortal, such as angels, saints, etc. The Old Testament also does not deny the existence of the gods of other cultures, rather it simply asserts that Yahweh, the god of the Jews, is bigger and better and more powerful than anyone else’s god(s). Krishna, of the Hindu religion, is also purported to be the Supreme God, more powerful and more worship able than all the others. It’s much like a corporate hierarchy, or “My dad is stronger than your dad!?” Very adolescent, and very much in keeping with the accepted, feudalistic paradigm of “whoever has the most goats wins” because he’s the guy who proclaims his divine sponsorship. Monotheism is interpreted at times and by some as a leveling of the playing field…that there is only one god who has different names in different cultures and religions. This is a nice idea and can contribute to everyone getting along better together. Unfortunately, it is rarely believed and monotheism has evolved as a divine competition between the world’s various cultures. The Buddhists, often considered atheists by other religions, ideologically did level the playing field by changing the idea that “there is only one god” to “there is only god,” meaning that everyone and everything is god, all One and without a corporate hierarchy. This also undermines everyone else’s definition of god. Certainly worth considering.

But we digress. Monotheism worked well for the tubes with the most goats, the most weapons, the most soldiers and the most imaginative and manipulative dreams and visions.

I give you the Roman Emperor Constantine, who declared himself the first Holy Roman Emperor after sharing his dream of Christ’s endorsement of his military victory due to wearing the banner of Christ.

Cross Banner Used by Constantine at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, as his Vision Instructed

Nothing like a miracle and a divine endorsement to insure power over others. The divine right of kings is still fully in play today and can be heard every time a politician or despot claims that god told them to run, rule, etc.

Constantine viewed himself as a very big tube indeed as a sculpture of his head remains giving great meaning to the idea of having a swelled head.

Constantine’s Swelled Head, 8.5 feet tall

Our existence, as competitive tubes, in the Darwinian sense, is based on control and consumption. An 8.5 foot head can certainly swallow his competitors.

Of course, Constantine also legitimized and sanctified the Christian religion, projecting Yahweh’s and Christ’s supremacy over all the previous Roman gods. Now the Christian tubes could ‘legitimately’ defame, persecute and torture all the Pagan tubes. This too is still going on today.

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