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Tubism is a philosophy, and on the level of life here on earth, a reality. It is a call to all humans to realize, practice, and replace some humility for the hubris and egoism exhibited throughout history. Humans are the only species who attempt to cover their tubes with fashion tubes designed to cover the fact that we are all naked animals, no better or worse than all the other tubes in creation that do not experience either shame or narcissism. Take away the ‘thin candy shells’ of fashion and power dressing, and we are but more or less bald, naked apes.

However, humility is not, for the most part, a quality humans strive to experience, and a level playing field really cuts into the power and profits of those who own the most goats.

Just imagine how much power people like Trump, Napoleon, Constantine, Hitler, etc would wield if they were divested of the tubes they wore to cover their tubal bodies?

And then for your own sanity, do your best to erase such images from your now troubled mind!

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